Life as a medical representative

Medical reps are people who dress in a nice clothes, drive fast cars, and carry a mobile phone, a briefcase and some form of electronic gadetry be that an iPad or laptop. They wander in and out of medical establishments using the gift of the gab to sell unsuspecting medical professionals something they - and their patients - don't need. Naturally, the large expense account is the main selling tool and the quality of the product is a minor consequence.

If only it were true.....

So what's this real world guide to medical repping all about then?

What follows are just my thoughts on something which is a large part of my life. The content is based on experience, opinion and anecdote, embellished with a generous helping of artistic license. Please read on and enjoy it, but don't take it too seriously. It's meant to give an honest, amusing and slightly informative insight into life as a rep.

Having said that, any impression that I give that I am talking about real people is entirely intentional. If you recognise yourself, then it's you.

If any of it makes sense, then that is a lucky coincidence!

Although this site is based on my experiences as a medical rep, I'm sure that most of it will be familiar to anyone else who has been involved in sales or corporate life.

N.B. This site looks best when viewed from a distance after drinking six pints of lager.

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